Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I customise my Farmer Gill experience?


A: Yes of course.  You can choose which animals you would like to attend to suit your party. Our prices start at £150 for a single animal and rise to £250 for 2 animals and £300 for a pony/donkey party. Please contact us for further pricing details.


Q: How much space do you need?


A: We will need enough space for our trailer and to set the pens up, about a minimum space of 20m x 20m or 1/3 of a netball court.


Q: Which animals do you bring?


A: Each visit will be different, we can bring: Goats, small dexter cow, sheep, ducks, chickens, rabbits, ferrets, and our well behaved working sheep dog. We will discuss these options on our pre visit.


Q: Do your animals bite?


A: We always give a safety talk at the begining of each session so that children know how to act around the animals to limit any risk. The animals we bring are safe but children are instructed not to put the fingers near the animals mouths.  


Q: Are you insured?


A: We are fully insured with public liability through NFU mutual to £10million. If you would like any furture information on our insurance cover please contact us.


Q:What information do I need to provide?


A: Firstly we need to ensure that there is no livestock on the premises and that the land to be used had no County Parish Holding (CPH) number as we sadly can not visit here with our animals due to DEFRA regulations.

Secondly we information on what your aims and goals you would like to achieve out of our sessions, the number of children in the groups and any specific needs of the children, this knowledge will help us enhance the childrens experience.


Q: Do you visit us before the planned visit?


A: Yes, we provide a free pre-visit. this is so we can access the space where we will be working in but also to hear your aims for the children. We aim to create a bespoke visit for you and the children, a pre visit is vital for this. We also give out information about we plan our visit and about the safety talk given at every visit. We will discuss the number of children we are able to accommodate and over what time period.


Q: Do you involve pupils with special needs education?


A: Yes, we aim to provide a fully inclusive session for everyone to enjoy. I (Gill McGarrell) can speak using British Sign Language (level 1). We undersatnd the therapeutic values from contact with animals and the conection children can gain from their experience.